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TUXDROIDS.COM has a wonderful limited stock of original “vintage” Kysoh TUX Droids V2.0 available for you. These are the real and official TUX Droids produced between 2009 and 2010. Orginal and sealed!

The best thing about this Tux Droid is you can programm it yourself. You do need knowledge of Linux and Open Source. So it is not a children’s toy, but for fun programming challenges by professionals.

The Kysoh Tux Droid is a robot that wirelessly connects to a Linux computer and performs actions in response to preprogrammed events. It can flap its wings, turn around in circles, blink, detect light levels, record audio, and even speak.

And this is just a start. Take a look here what you can do with this Tux Droid. And this is not all: join the community and learn from your peers.



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What People Are Saying

This TUX DROID can do it all! I am going to make full use of this 14 year old hardware with the knowledge and software of this time.

Mark Olie


My goal is to upgrade the penguin to this time using the technology of the Raspberry PI. This looks promising.

Alex de Wolff

IT Entrepeneur

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