Tux Droid


Your smart TUX DROID companion.

With the wireless connection to your PC, this Tux Droid will never stop to amaze you with its tricks and attitudes. Funny, silly, crazy…. And you can program it yourself. This is your chance to get your smart penguin companion.


TUX DROID STORE has a wonderful limited stock of original “vintage” Kysoh TUX Droids V2.0 available for the open source and linux professional who loves to code. But WIndows users can download software as well on this website! These Tux Droids were produced in 2009 and 2010. Abd they are more "alive" than ever. Professionals already started to work on this project and some managed to make this Tux Droid 2022 proof.

About the original Tux Droid

An electronics company called Kysoh aimed to bring the Linux mascot to life with a unique programmable toy. This Kysoh Tux Droid is a robot that wirelessly connects to a Linux computer and performs actions in response to preprogrammed events. It can flap its wings, turn around in circles, blink, detect light levels, record audio, and even speak.

The Tux Droid also comes with an IR remote that can be used to make it do your bidding… until the grim day when it achieves complete autonomy and throws off the shackles of human subjugation, conspiring with the devious Roomba collective in an insidious plot to overthrow humanity.

The Tux Droid comes with a USB cable, an IR remote, a white firmware update cable, a power adapter, a concise instruction manual, and a 2.4 Ghz wireless dongle shaped like a fish that plugs into a standard USB port on the host computer and facilitates communication between the computer and the robot.

System requirements:
at least 800 Mhz CPU
at least 256 MB RAM
150 MB hard disk
Internet connection